How to Draw a Rifle

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Weapon is a serious matter. It cannot be given to children. Therefore, our readers decided that it would be better to create their own rifle. Google+FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinRedditTumblr

How to Draw an iPad for Kids

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There is no doubt that Apple gadgets have a whole bunch of fans. Each shows his love for these gadgets in different ways – some simply treat them carefully, while others devote a lot of time to them. Google+FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinRedditTumblr

How to Draw Glasses

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw glasses for kids. It is very easy to draw glasses. A few details – and the drawing is done. Google+FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinRedditTumblr

How to Draw a Cheese for Kids

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Continuing the theme of food, we offer you to learn how to draw a cheese for kids. This instruction is simple, the child can use it when he draws a mouse or food on a table. Google+FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinRedditTumblr

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