How to Draw a Crusader for Kids

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how to draw a crusader for kids

Hello everyone and welcome to the drawing lesson on how to draw a crusader for kids! Recall that we have already drawn a knight on the pages of our site, and these two lessons will be quite similar.


Step 1

First draw a helmet which unlike the helmet from the lesson about how to draw a helmet will be angular and not round (In reality this helmet that is called a great helm looks like a bucket).

how to draw a crusader

Step 2

Draw a characteristic rectangular opening for the eyes and strips of metal on the helmet. You can also draw breathing holes in the mouth area.

how to draw a cartoon crusader

Step 3

In the same way as in the lesson about the knight draw the torso in the form of a rectangle.

how to draw a crusader for kids

Step 4

Sketch out the shield and the only visible right arm of the crusader (The left arm is hidden behind the shield.).

crusader drawing

Step 5

Draw the legs of our crusader, again we do it just like in the lesson about the knight.

learn to draw a crusader for beginners

Step 6

It seems that there are too many lines, but it is not. We need only to outline the cape, a sword and a piece of clothing covering the upper part of the legs.

learn to draw a crusader for kids

Step 7

Erase all the guidelines off the drawing and you’ll get such a cool cartoon crusader!

crusader drawing

Step 8

We have only to paint our crusader. In fact, there were many different orders of the Crusaders and each of them had different designs and colors of clothes.

how to draw a crusader for kids

If your crusader is not at all like ours, do not worry, it’s even good, because we want to give you knowledge in drawing, and every artist has his own unique drawing style.

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