How to Draw a Cup for Kids

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how to draw a cup

Good day dear readers and welcome to the lesson about how to draw a cup for kids!

 This is a very simple lesson consisting of extremely simple lines. Despite the fact that the lesson is fairly simple, at the end we will get a pretty realistic drawing.

Step 1

Draw a vertical line so that it’s easier for us to observe the proportions.

how to draw a cup

Step 2

At the top draw an oval that will be the top edge of the cup.

how to draw a cup for kids

Step 3

Below draw another oval but smaller. It will be the bottom of the cup.

how to draw a cup beginners

Step 4

Using slightly curved lines connect these two ovals.

how to draw a cup for children

Step 5

Erase all the extra lines and we will get a glass.

how to draw a cup

Step 6

Using two characteristic curved lines draw the handle.

cup drawing

Step 7

Paint the cup in your favorite color or add a beautiful pattern.

how to draw a cup

Today we have learned how to draw a cup. We always try to make the lessons the simplest. We usually divide them into many small steps, marking the new lines with red color so that it’s easier for you to follow new steps. And most important for us is the convenience of users, so if you have any comments on the convenience of our site feel free to write about it in the comments.

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