How to Draw a Microwave for Kids

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how to draw a Microwave for kids

Greetings dear readers and welcome to the lesson on how to draw a microwave for kids! This lesson continues a series of super simple drawing lessons especially for beginning artists.


Step 1

So, first of all draw a rectangle with rounded edges. This is the outer contour of the microwave.

how to draw a Microwave

Step 2

Inside the outer line draw another rectangle but with the usual corners. It’s the window of our microwave.

how to draw Microwaves

Step 3

In the right part of the window draw a handle in the form of a rectangle stretched to the height and a line vertical to the right of the window.

drawing tutorials for kids

Step 4

Draw the controls for the microwave – all sorts of displays and buttons as on our example.

learn to draw a Microwave for beginners

Step 5

And an extremely simple step – draw the legs of the microwave in the form of short rectangles.

Microwave drawing

Step 6

The microwave is ready. You can leave it as it is in this step or paint it.

learn to draw a Microwave

Step 7

Take crayons, paints or markers and paint your microwave oven in any color you like.

how to draw a Microwave for kids

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