How to Draw a Mouse for Kids

Hi! We have prepared a new drawing lesson. This drawing tutorial is very simple. However, if you will just repeat our actions in each step, you draw very cute little mouse. So, let’s start the lesson on how to draw a mouse!


Step 1

First we draw a figure that looks like a pear.

how to draw a mouse for kids

Step 2

Then draw the contours of one eye and the contours of the nose.

how to draw a mouse for kids

Step 3

This step consists of two actions. The first action is the painting black of the nose and the eye.
Very importarnt point – don’t forget white spots that you can see in the pupils. The second action is drawing the contours of the ears.

learn how to draw a mouse for beginners

Step 4

We will have a very simple step. Just draw one smooth line for the torso.

learn to draw a mouse for children

Step 5

Add two lines for the contours of the front paws of our mouse.

mouse drawing for beginners

Step 6

Let’s draw the back paws that must be a little bigger than the front paws.

how to draw a mouse

Step 7

Draw out the long and curved tail of our nice mouse.

learn how to draw a mouse

Step 8

Erase all additional lines to get such a nice picture of mouse.

mouse drawing

Step 9

Mice are usually gray or white. So take crayons, markers or paints and let’s paint our mouse!

how to draw a mouse for kids

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