How to Draw a Mug For Kids

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Good day! We have prepared a new simple drawing lesson. As you can see, today we are going to draw a mug.


Step 1

For the beginning, draw a simple vertical line. This vertical line will be the main reference point for all subsequent actions.


Step 2

Than we draw two horizontal ovals. As you can see, the ovals should be placed at the top and bottom of the guide vertical line.


Step 3

Now let’s try to connect two ovals from the previous step. Use the two lateral straight line for this.


Step 4

Well, we have something like proper cute the cylinder. In this step, you should draw a couple of ovals of different sizes. The first oval should be placed inside another oval.  So we have the approximate contours of the handle.


Step 5

Erase all unnecessary guidelines from the previous steps to get somethink like this:


Step 6

The last step painted all color for your choice. Our artist has a red mug. That’s why you can see exactly red mug in the final of this drawing lesson.

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