How to Draw a Mummy for Kids

Hello everyone dear friends and welcome to the lesson about how to draw a mummy for kids. We know that you like lessons about different monsters and creatures from fantasy. We already have an orc and a vampire drawn in this style.


Step 1

Draw the head in the form of an ordinary circle. But you can draw the head in the form of an oval.

how to draw a mummy

Step 2

Draw two slightly curved lines on the face – these will be bandages. Or rather, the opening between the bandages for the eyes.

how to draw a mummy step by step

Step 3

Draw the neck and torso of the mummy in the form of a long figure. The figure drawn in cartoons style so the physique is a bit grotesque.

how to draw a mummy for kids

Step 4

Draw outstretched arms, because our mummy just got out of its sarcophagus and is looking for those who disturbed him.

how to draw a mummy for kids

Step 5

Draw the legs like in our example. In our example the mummy allegedly marches.

how to draw a mummy for kids

Step 6

Sketch out the evil eyes of the mummy and draw lines of bandages.

how to draw a mummy for beginners

Step 7

We continue to paint bandages. Note that the bandages should be drawn unevenly.

how to draw a mummy for beginners

Step 8

Now we paint our mummy. Bandages can be painted light gray or the color of light sand. And the face (or rather the visible part of the face) can be painted light green or light blue.

how to draw a mummy for kids

If your mummy is not looking like ours, it’s very good, because we teach to draw and not copy.

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