How to Draw a Rose Easy

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How to draw a rose easy

A rose is a very strong and at the same time delicate flower with expressive curves of petals, a unique bud shape and a whole palette of colors.

If you are interested in not only how to draw a rose easy, but also how to color it – at this tutorial can find useful tips.


Step 1

Outline the rosebud in a shape of an oval and stem with the help of a simple line.

How to draw a rose

Step 2

Now outline the rose petals with the help of curved lines and thicken the stem with another line.

How to draw a rose easy

Step 3

Now we draw the outer petals of the rose and the outlines of the bud.

How to draw a rose step by step

Step 4

A very simple step in which we outline the leaves of our beautiful rose.

How to draw a rose for kids

Step 5

Now draw the sepals below the bud and sketch the veins on the leaves of the rose.

How to draw a rose for kids

Step 6

If you exactly repeated all our instructions, then you will get such a rose.

How to draw a rose for children

Step 7

Take colored pencils, paints or felt-tip pens and paint your rose like our artists did.

How to draw a rose

Step 8

Let’s add some volume to our rose with the help of light shading.

Rose drawing

It’s probably hard to find a more beautiful flower than a rose. The rose always arouses interest and admiration, it’s not for nothing that the rose became a symbol of expression of love. Not surprisingly, many people want to learn how to draw a rose. Is it hard to do? Absolutely not. In this article we showed how to draw draw a rose in just a few minutes.

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