How to Draw a Sword for Kids

Today i’ve prepared for you a new drawing tutorial on how to draw a sword for kids and beginners! Everyone knows what is a sword and that it was one of the most used weapons by knights. But this is not only a weapon of murder, but also a beautiful accessory which is worth the crazy money. The lesson is quite simple and there are many straight lines.

Step 1

We begin with the blade of the sword. First draw a straight horizontal line as a guide for the top edge of the blade.

How to draw a sword for kids step by step

Step 2

Draw the exact same horizontal line just below the line from the previous step – this will be the bottom edge of the blade of Our sword.

learn how to draw a sword for kids

Step 3

Connect these two lines using two short lines at an acute angle. In fact we have already drawn the blade of the sword.

Learn to draw a sword for kids

Step 4

Draw third straight line starting from the point of the sword and passing right through the center of the blade.

sword drawing

Step 5

Guard – is a detail designed to protect the hand from enemy weapons. So draw it using vertical rectangle.

how to draw a sword for children

Step 6

Right behind the guard draw the grip. The grip can be short as in our example or long.

learn how to draw a sword for beginners

Step 7

The pommel performs two functions: it serves as a counterweight, improving the balance of the weapon and also keeps the hand from slipping. Draw it in a shape of semicircle.

how to draw online

Step 8

The drawing lesson on how to draw a sword for kids is almost finished.You can leave a sword like this or paint it.

sword drawing for kids

Step 9

The grip of the sword is usually brown or black, and the blade itself can be painted over light gray or light blue.

how to draw a sword for kids

We have drawn a sword which is often called a short sword. In the following lessons we will draw other kinds of swords and other weapons. In addition to swords and other weapons we have many other simple lessons, for example How to Draw a Face for Beginners.

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  • June 9, 2017 at 10:10 pm

    Great article! Thank you, i leart how to draw a sword!


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