Learn to Draw a Crusader Helmet

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Hello everybody and welcome to How to Draw for Kids where we will show you how to draw a crusader helmet easy.

The Crusaders were actually knights, and in one of the previous drawing lessons we showed you how to draw a helmet for a knight, but this lesson will be slightly different.


Step 1

So, let’s start with a shape similar to a cylinder. It will be the general outlines of the helmet.

how to draw a Crusader Helmet for kids

Step 2

Next, draw two lines at the top and bottom of our helmet.

Crusader Helmet easy

Step 3

Now outline the opening for the eyes as in our example below.

how to draw Crusader Helmet step by step

Step 4

In the front part draw a metal strip, which made the helmet stronger.

how to draw Crusader Helmet step by step

Step 5

If you did everything right, you will get such a crusader helmet.

how to draw Crusader Helmet step by step

Step 6

We only need to paint this helmet in light blue or gray.

The drawing lesson about how to draw a crusader’s helmet for kids is over. If you liked this drawing lesson and you want to help us, then share it with your friends.

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